COVID-19 Information

Dear Patients, right now we remain open for our patients including routine visits and allergy injections. However, due to the rapid development of COVID19 infection spread the following changes have been implemented in the practice:

  • If you have cough, fever, and shortness of breath and suspect you may have Novel Coronavirus, or COVID19, the area hospitals have established hotlines for you to call. We are unable to care for you at our office due to the risk of infection spread, and we do not have the ability to test you. Please call a hotline below for further instructions and screening:
  • If you feel sick and you do not suspect COVID19, your call will be forwarded to a triage nurse so that we can determine if an office visit is possible.
  • Office staff will be disinfecting with bleach solution twice daily; you may be able to detect an odor of bleach in the office.
  • Staff will be performing hand hygiene with every patient: sanitizer or washing.
  • When you come for appointments, please try to limit family members. We ask that adults present alone without children. We cannot guarantee enough space for proper social distancing.
  • We will update this website and the answering service should we need to close the office for any reason.

This continues to be a rapidly changing and developing situation. We are so grateful to all our patients for their understanding and hope to return to business as usual soon.

Allergy & Asthma Associates

Dr. Feldman, Becky, and our wonderful Allergy Angels